An important thing for all of you to know is that your mind is your power. I have noticed all over social media that more people have started to embrace self-love and #bodypositivity. Yeah, it’s nice, and all, but some part of me believes some people still use it as a way to gain validation from other people. You don’t need to agree with me, but if you are sincere, you would admit it. I love when people are happy about themselves because it affects every sphere of their life. But when you pretend to be happy just so you can get people to approve of how you feel, you are doing the exact opposite. 

Trust me, I know it’s hard to believe that you are sexy, especially when your body type is not represented on mainstream media. It might seem shallow to people, but it’s human nature to want to be desired irrespective of how you look. I still struggle with my body image because some encounters I have had with insensitive people took a serious toll on my self-esteem and self-worth. It wasn’t until much later that I began to regain myself again. Although the process has been slow and a bit difficult, I know I have made progress, and I am not where I was five years ago. I started to understand that my mind dictates what my body feels. If I don’t feel pretty subconsciously, my body responds to that assertion; if I think I can’t do a certain thing or run for a particular position because I don’t fit into the ‘ideal candidate’ image, my body responds- I will be lacking confidence, run out of words and ultimately back away from the challenge. I no longer do that because where you see a challenge, I see an opportunity, and when I start to feel insecure, I hype myself because I am my No. 1 fan.

Honestly, stop waiting around for people to gas you up; some don’t even mean it when they do. So instead of basking in false hype, try practicing loving parts of your body. I do that regularly- ouuu my eyes look so pretty today, or dangggg see how curvy my booty looks. It is important how you see yourself because often it determines how others see you too. Remember, the body achieves only what the mind believes. Stop saying cruel things to your body; love him/her- your mind is your power. Girls are not the only gender privy to weight jokes or hurtful words; I have seen guys suffer a great deal because of it too. Don’t let what people say to be the reason you’re feeling insecure or not good enough- everyone is insecure about one thing or the other it’s just that people make others feel bad just so they don’t deal with their problems. 

Another thing, surround yourself with people that make you feel better. Don’t be part of a crew you obviously don’t fit in with. It doesn’t matter that they have been your friends since you came out of the womb; it is necessary to surround yourself with positive energy. Kick those people out of your life and regain your self-confidence; it is better to start all over again than remain in a toxic environment and expect to get better. Change first starts in your mind and then your environment. Do not! I repeat, DO NOT FOLLOW PEOPLE ON SOCIAL MEDIA THAT MAKE YOU FEEL INSECURE OR UNDER ACHIEVING! Why would you even do that to yourself? That’s self-sabotage, and it’s the worst thing you can do to yourself. No! following them won’t encourage you to become productive or change; you have followed them for years, and has anything changed? Don’t confuse encouragement with comparison. If you notice you have started comparing your life to theirs, that’s where you should draw the line. No 1 rule is never under any circumstance, compare yourself to someone you see online- most of those things are lies, and people just do it for the gram. Just see and scroll past; don’t dwell on it, or those thoughts you’ve been fighting off would resurface. Filter what you let into your system so it doesn’t negatively affect your thoughts and always remember your mind is your power so, guard it! 

Finally, if no one has told you that you are fantastic, I can do that every day. For whoever is reading this; You are awesome, you are enough, and you see all the luxury you want to have- you’ll get it. Just stay focused, have a plan, delete all negative energy, and above all, love yourself. Note the day you read this down and begin to make positive affirmations. You can start small and then go big but never stop. Watch how the quality of your life will change and I say again ‘Your Mind is Your Power’.

You are everything and more!

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  1. I love the whole write, and appreciate how expressive you are, but I personally don’t think there’s as system to happiness, when you use words like “pretend” you may suggest there’s a formula or structure to the word “happy”. You are happy when you do everything with happiness and that may include taking a picture whilst “smiling”, pictures don’t tell the full story but they talk about that moment in time clearly.
    And also, politely, you may also suggest, being desired equates happiness, i beg to differ and say, “being true to yourself equates peace from mind which in turn brings out happiness in everything you do” which will include taking a picture smiling.

    1. I totally agree with you and I really believe that happiness can only be created from true intent. No one should create happiness from what people say.
      True happiness comes from within and only you will know when it’s genuine.
      Thank you for this.

  2. Another great post. I like the tip about filtering your feed from people who make you feel insecure and keeping friends with positive energy.

    Keep writing Becky! 👍

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