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Welcome to Urwordsormine!!!

It took me a while to get to this stage- this final moment where I own a blog. Can you believe that? I sure cannot! I have always loved to write, and it was one of my wishes to have a blog. Yes, as you might have guessed, I dabbled with a few writing mediums, but one thing always led to another, and I never sustained them. You can say laziness and procrastination got the better of me but Fear not! I have repented (kind of, sort of).

Starting this blog was a huge step, and I can almost feel how great this experience will be for not just me but for you too. I am new to this whole writing with a purpose thing, but I plan to stick with it. After all, the more I write, the better I become and the more content you will get to enjoy.

So, what do you say; are you ready to join me on this writing adventure? Don’t worry; the write-ups won’t be sooooooo long; I gotcha.